How Digital rights management (DRM) software works

The first response of the movie and music industries to peer-to-peer piracy was to go to court. To make a technology phenomenon into an issue for the lawyers. Round two is shaping up to be exactly the opposite: a legal issue is becoming an issue for the technologists. How so? Digital rights management (DRM) software puts a virtual lawyer into every song, book, and movie. The software also helped protect the content rights of any online platform.

Content owners are betting that a new technology will make it possible to distribute their titles over the Internet without risking widespread piracy. DRM software allows publishers to embed rules in files that precisely define how those files can be used. If a consumer fails to obtain a license for a DRM-protected movie, the movie won’t play. If a consumer attempts to watch a movie more than the agreed-upon number of times or for longer than they paid for, the DRM virtual lawyer will put a stop to the show.

If a consumer attempts to watch a movie more than the agreed-upon number of times or for longer than they paid for, the DRM virtual lawyer will put a stop to the show.

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How to learn anything in 20 hours

Josh Kaufman is the author of the new book The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!

He says everybody is able to learn new skills in just 20 hours, we only need to know how.

Learning new thing is challenging and it’s super intimidating,” says Josh. “You know, as a general rule, adult learners hate feeling stupid.” And “the biggest barrier to learning something new is overcoming that initial intimidation,” he says. What you need to do is set small goals for yourself. For example, if you are learning for an exam, set as your first goal learning just one chapter, don’t freak out thinking about the whole book, or the 4-part exam.

The other things he mentions are: “accepting that beginnings are hard”, and “making a commitment to stick to it”.

Josh Kaufman has written two worldwide bestsellers, “The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business”, and “The First Twenty Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!”

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Geothermal Growth Is Surging!

With more and more people wanting to find and use eco-friendly sources of energy that cost less and protect the environment, geothermal power is rapidly gaining in popularity.  Using the consistent temperatures of the earth to heat and cool a home is a cost-effective and green way to stay comfortable no matter the outside temperatures.

Geothermal has become so popular that noted research firms are now taking note.  Frost & Sullivan, a leader in market research, has released a report that reveals that geothermal power will grow from a $1.16 billion dollar market to a $6.89 billion dollar market by 2020.

Why the surge in geothermal popularity? There are a variety of reasons. With the unpredictable nature of energy costs, more individuals and businesses are looking for a heating and cooling alternative – one they know will be reliable, cost-effective and environmentally conscious. Additionally, geothermal options have become more visible with rebates that have been offered by the government.

Finally, with systems that are guaranteed for up to 50 years (yes, 50!) many homeowners see the investment as well worth the cost to know that their monthly heating and cooling bills will be significantly decreased with equipment that is completely reliable. A better choice than other alternative power sources, geothermal’s popularity is growing day by day.

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Prudent Energy-Driven Projects

A prudent energy-driven project starts with an integrated solution and is built from the ground up. Taking advantage of the depth and breadth of expertise of specialist companies will not only handle every detail but have a vision to approach your project as a whole and anticipate challenges ahead of time.

At a professional company, project tasks such as initial analysis, opportunity screening, field performance testing, performance analysis, conceptual design, project planning, final design, installation services, start-up, testing, turnover and measurement and verification of savings all come together in a fully integrated solution.

Every project has its challenges, but no matter what the problem, specialists know how to find the solution. The best solution! And, they’ll bring it to you through thoughtfully developed delivery platforms that put you in the driver’s seat to assume or shift risk and elevate your level of comfort.

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Solar Powered Gadgets

Summer-Friendly Solar Powered Gadgets

There is no better time of the year to take advantage of solar power than in the summer. With longer daylight hours and access to the outdoors in even the coldest climates, it is a great time to try out some of the newest solar-powered gadgets.

The variety of solar-powered consumer goods is just staggering. From kids toys, such as cars and critters that jump, your kids will have a great time understanding how solar power can make their favorite summer toy move. If you like to spend time outdoors, consider getting a solar powered table. Topped with solar power cells, you can plug in your laptop, iPad or cell phone in to charge without spending a dime on electricity. Your kids can even charge their own cell phones or toys using the table.

For party fun, check out some of the new iPod based stereos that feature solar cells instead of batteries. Finally, among the best new solar gadgets are cell phones that have their own solar cells. Sharp is one of the leading manufacturers in this regard and their models offer not only the option to use solar power but can be charged using traditional electricity as well.

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